ALEX ROSENKREUZ (pronounced 'rose'n-cruz')

With a passion for fashion and all things creative -  Alex is forever inspired by the 90’s fashion campaigns shot on film during the supermodel era.  He loves photographing confident, timeless inner beauty in the diverse forms it can take.

Born in Bulgaria, Alex picked up his first film camera at a very young age when constantly tasked by his dad to take selfies of his parents.

Alex is available to travel on assignments and lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife.  In their free time they enjoy hiking, cooking, taking trips, and playing with their 2 cats.  

Some of his clients & publications include L’Atiste, GeeGeeBae, HoneyBum, SoulRise Tribe, Boyfriend Hoodie, Grazia Magazine BG Online, Latest Magazine, QP Mag, Keen Magazine, Monica Hansen Beachwear, Scandal Italy, Sunbox Life, Congés, Sunscape Eyewear, Lions Magazine, Sad Robot, Industry Active, Bisous Magazine, MFM, Custom Fedora, Next Door Model Magazine, the Rosé Girls, Rogue Magazine, the Reckless Ones, Ellements Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Last Daze Magazine, C-Heads Magazine, and Createilogy.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

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